About Us
The Place Where Lives are Changed & People are Blessed.

We are a growing, multi-cultural church and a place for you to call home and come just as you are. The fact is our church is full of people who have been raised in any number of denominations. The thing that we all have in common is that we exalt Jesus Christ as Lord and we believe the Bible is the Word of God.

OUr Vision
We see a large family church where people live by Great Faith, live for the Great Commission, and live out the Great Commandment.

We see a growing group of people living the abundant life that Jesus has already provided—a life overflowing with joy, provision, and health and so secure in God and their relationship with Him that they love, serve, and give to others as a way of life.

Our Mission
You matter more than you will ever know.

Jesus Christ and His Word offers everyone love, forgiveness, acceptance, approval, a sense of belonging and the opportunity to experience a transformed life. That is what we are all about. At Word of His Power we strive to be a place where growth is made, change is normal and lives are transformed by the power of Jesus Christ and His Word.

Our Priorities
Helping people become more like Jesus.

We endeavour to love, serve and give. The greatest thing is love. We love God and we love others. The greatest people in God's kingdom are the servants of all. We serve God and we serve others. The greatest thing we can do for God is give our lives- our time, energy, wealth, possessions, and love - to Him and His purposes.

Who we are

Word Of His Power Faith Christian Centre is a non denominational Word based church and is affliated and/or members with and/or of

Where Lives are Changed

and People are Blessed

Be Welcomed
By Real People
Be inspired
By Excellent Music.
Be challenged
By Biblical Messages